Apply for Services

For those receiving public benefits:

If you are receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) your case will automatically be referred to our office and you may be required to provide us with additional information to process your case.

For those not receiving public benefits:

You may apply for our services if you and/or your children are not receiving any form of public assistance. There is no fee for our services.

How to apply:

If you currently do not have a child support case with the Prosecutor’s Office and want to apply for services, you must:

  1. Obtain the required application and accompanying forms.
  • Pick up the paper application form and accompanying forms by visiting the child support office directly
  • Download and print out the application form and accompanying forms electronically.
  1. You must then gather the required documentation as stated in the application.
  2. Fill out all information completely on the application form and accompanying forms.
  3. Return the completed application form with all the required forms and documents to our office. All forms must be printed out and submitted on paper. Applications will not be accepted by email or electronically.

In order for your case to be processed, the application and all forms must be completely filled out with required documents attached.

Application Form:

Click here to download an application.