Mental Health Court

Mental Health Deputy Prosecutor

The Prosecutor’s Office has designated Mental Health Deputy Prosecutor Trish Bushey to participate in the Mental Health Court, and to coordinate Mental Health Diversion Program and Mental Health Review Team. She can be reached at:

Charlotte T. Zietlow Justice Center
301 N. College Ave., Room 211
Bloomington IN 47404 (Map)
Phone: 812-349-2670
Fax: 812-349-2725

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday
Closed all Federal Holidays

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

“It is not unusual for someone suffering from a serious untreated mental illness to engage in disruptive behaviors and eventually wind up in the criminal justice system. Where mental health treatment can effectively address an underlying behavioral problem, and we can effectively monitor compliance with such treatment, there are real benefits for both the individual and the long-term safety of the community.”
Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Gaal

The Prosecutor’s Office seeks to resolve appropriate cases involving defendants with serious and untreated mental health issues by arranging for needed mental health treatment services. Through enhanced problem-solving collaboration within the criminal justice system, and improved coordination with mental health resources in the community, we can help stabilize individuals with a history of behavioral crises due to mental illness. The criminal justice system can be an effective tool to minimize the need for future intervention from law enforcement for individuals who engage in problem behaviors because they are non-compliant with mental health treatment or medications. The results benefit the individual defendant, while also promoting the safety of the community.

The Monroe County Mental Health Court

The Monroe County Mental Health Court is a problem-solving court focused on reducing recidivism and promoting long-term stability through treatment for people with mental health issues involved in the criminal justice system. Participants in the court are defendants with felony-level criminal charges, or a petition to revoke probation on a felony conviction, who have a diagnosed chronic mental illness.

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Mental Health Diversion and Misdemeanors

There may be situations where an individual suffering from mental illness is charged with a minor misdemeanor offense. These cases are not eligible for the Mental Health Court, which accepts only felony cases. However, appropriate misdemeanor cases may be referred to a Mental Health Review Team (MHRT) coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office. Upon evaluation and recommendation by the Mental Health Review Team, the Prosecutor’s Office may exercise discretion to offer Mental Health Diversion to appropriate individuals suffering from mental illness who are charged with a minor misdemeanor offense in the nature of a public disturbance.

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In misdemeanor cases deemed inappropriate for diversion, the Mental Health Review Team may also recommend mental health treatment conditions that may be incorporated into a potential plea agreement as terms of probation. If the plea agreement is accepted by the Judge in the case, then the conditions are overseen by probation and enforced by the Judge. Failure to comply with the terms of a mental health treatment plan as a condition of probation can be addressed by the Judge as a violation of probation.