Misdemeanor & Felony Prosecutions

Mission Statement:

Public Service

We represent the people of the State of Indiana to seek justice, promote greater public safety, and assist victims of crimes. We receive reports from law enforcement agencies and file criminal charges in appropriate cases. We will vigorously prosecute those who are guilty, while ensuring that the innocent are not wrongly convicted or oppressed.

Community-Based Prosecution

We work proactively with law enforcement and other community organizations to encourage crime prevention and education efforts that enhance public safety and improve the quality of life in the community.

Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney
Chris Gaal

Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Robert Miller

First Deputy Prosecutor
Jeffrey Kehr

Deputy Prosecutor Court Assignments:

Court II
Felony Deputy Prosecutor – Sex Crimes Unit
Joshua Radicke
Felony Deputy Prosecutor – General Caseload
Erika Oliphant
Deputy Prosecutor – Domestic Violence Unit
April Wilson
Misdemeanor Deputy Prosecutor
Judith Benckart

Court III
Felony Deputy Prosecutor
Darcie Fawcett
Misdemeanor Deputy Prosecutor
Benjamin Arrington

Court V
Felony Deputy Prosecutor/Senior Trial Attorney
Geoffrey Bradley
Misdemeanor Deputy Prosecutor
Trish Bushey

Court IX
Felony Deputy Prosecutor
David Gohn
Misdemeanor Deputy Prosecutor
Adam Kornya

Court VII / Juvenile Division
Rich Hansen

Domestic Violence Unit
April Wilson

Drug Crimes Deputy – Drug Treatment Court
Chris Pierce

Mental Health Review Team
Trish Bushey

Sex Crimes/Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)
Joshua Radicke

Cosima Hanlon
Bobby Thompson

Child Support Division
Supervising Deputy Prosecutor
Amy Colgan
Deputy Prosecutor
Patricia Cummings
Deputy Prosecutor
Lynn Keller
Deputy Prosecutor
Trish Bernens
Jill Acres