Pretrial Diversion Program

Pretrial Diversion Program

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The Pretrial Diversion Program (PDP) is offered at the discretion of the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office to defendants without significant prior criminal records who have been charged with certain minor offenses. The program allows a defendant to avoid a criminal conviction on their record by completing a specific set of requirements. Upon successful completion of the program the defendant’s charges will be dismissed. Requirements may include alcohol and drug education and /or substance abuse evaluations and treatment. Defendants may also be required to do community service, road crew, or pay restitution where appropriate.

What is the Pretrial Diversion Program (PDP)?

By Indiana statute, the prosecuting attorney may offer a diversion program for defendants charged with minor offenses in order to save judicial resources while providing accountability for offenders. The Monroe County Pretrial Diversion Program (PDP) targets low-level offenders who have been charged with minor violations, such as shoplifting, public intoxication, or illegal consumption of alcohol. As a matter of office policy, charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated are never eligible for pretrial diversion.

This voluntary program is designed as an intervention aimed at addressing potential substance abuse issues and reducing offender recidivism. It provides a greater degree of accountability, through educational programming (alcohol/substance abuse education/treatment) and other sanctions (road crew/community service), than the typical sentence imposed by a judge under a traditional court conviction.

Participants may avoid a criminal conviction on their record by earning a dismissal of the charge through completing certain accountability requirements. The vast majority of participants are first-time offenders (95% in 2010). At the discretion of the prosecutor’s office an appropriate defendant may be offered an additional opportunity to complete the program on the condition that they fulfill greater requirements.

For offenders charged with minor substance abuse offenses, accountability may include successful completion of a substance abuse education class, the “Prime for Life” class offered by the Monroe County Probation Department, or a substance abuse evaluation by a licensed substance abuse counselor. If the evaluation indicates a more serious addiction/abuse issue then a participant may also be required to complete a full IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) in a substance abuse counseling program.

Offenders charged with shoplifting participate in the Shoplifting and Theft Education Program (STEP) classes offered through the Community Justice and Mediation Center.

The pretrial diversion program provides meaningful evidence-based intervention, holds offenders accountable, and conserves scarce judicial resources by diverting appropriate cases out of the court system.