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Pretrial Diversion Program Terms

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Costs, Fees, & Payment

Costs and Fees
You MUST pay your costs and fees in full before your next court date.

  • All defendants must pay $334 in base fees:
    $170.00 PDP program fee
    $154.00 in court costs
    + $10.00 clerk fee
    $334.00 total base fees
  • Additional fees may be assessed based on the individual requirements in each case.

Paying Your Fees

  • Costs & fees must be paid in full before you may sign a PDP Agreement or complete any other requirements toward PDP.
  • You must have a pay-sheet from PDP staff, which you will be given when you come in during walk-in hours.
  • You will take the pay-sheet to the Monroe County Clerk’s Office
    • The Clerk’s Office will process your fees, give you a receipt and send you straight back to our office.
    • Fees may be paid in the form of cash, money order, or credit card.
    • Money orders must be made out to the CLERK OF MONROE COUNTY.
    • Defendants may not pay online, over the phone, or with personal checks.
    • For payments charged to a credit card you must have the card with you, and not just the card number. If the credit card is not in your own name, the actual cardholder must be physically present. The Clerk’s Office will add an additional processing fee for payments made with a credit card.
    • Cash bonds (posted to be released from jail) may applied toward your fees. For more information, please contact PDP staff directly.

Approved Classes for PDP Participants Outside of Monroe County or Indiana

If you live out of state or in another county, you may satisfy your Pretrial Diversion class requirements by finding an approved program.

Be sure to have your classes taken within 60 days of having signed up for PDP.

Be sure to contact PDP to get pre-approval of the course.

Not acceptable: online courses

For Level 1: the course needs to be at least 7 hours long and cover alcohol and marijuana

For Level 2: the course needs to be at least 12 hours long and cover both alcohol and marijuana

To find a potential program, click here.

Programs in Illinois:

  • Pillars
  • Lagrange Park 708-698-5500
  • Hickory Hills 708-741-4500
  • Magnolia House 773-871-4717