Traffic Court & Infraction Diversion Program

Monroe County Traffic Court

Location: 301 N. College Ave., Room 211

Traffic Court is held every Friday at 1:30pm (Closed all Monroe County Government/Federal Holidays)

Location: Charlotte T. Zietlow Justice Center
301 North College Avenue Room 205
Bloomington, Indiana, 47404 (Map)

Traffic Court

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney has the duty under Indiana Law to prosecute violations of our motor vehicle code. Even though most of these violations are not “crimes”, they can result in fines and adversely impact a citizen’s driving privileges.

The Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office takes this responsibility seriously, as do our local law enforcement agencies. The dangers of aggressive and careless driving are too significant to ignore. Speeding and careless driving contribute to over 25% of all fatal accidents every year in the United States1. The average American is far more likely to be injured in a traffic accident than be the victim of a violent crime.

For these reasons we encourage all drivers to follow the rules of the road and obey our traffic laws. Be attentive at all times and drive carefully.

If you have questions about the costs or due date of your traffic ticket, call the Monroe County Clerk’s Office at (812) 349-2614.

Infraction Diversion Program

Location: 301 N. College Ave., Room 211
Bloomington IN 47404 (Map)

Phone: 812-349-2685
Fax: 812-349-2725

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday
Closed all Monroe County Government Holidays


Infraction Diversion Program

The Infraction Diversion Program (IDP) is a voluntary program for qualifying drivers who are charged with certain traffic offenses. When a driver successfully completes this program, the traffic ticket is dismissed and no conviction or points for that ticket will appear on the driver’s record. Failure to successfully complete the program, however, will result in the ticket being “re-docketed”(rescheduled) and prosecuted (note also that no refund of IDP fees are made for any reason).

The benefits for participating in the program are:

  • Drivers are given the opportunity to avoid potential increases in insurance costs
  • Drivers can avoid additional points on their license
  • Drivers eliminate the necessity to appear in traffic court in response to the ticket

The Infraction Diversion Program makes every effort to notify eligible drivers by mail prior to their initial court hearing. To learn about the eligibility requirements for the IDP program, click on Program Eligibility.

1. Source: US Dept. of Transportation, US Dept. of Justice