What's The Scoop 2010 Style

Prosecutor Chris Gaal speaks on “Crimes Against the Elderly” at the Area 10 Agency on Aging “What’s the Scoop?” program.


What is TRIAD?
1. Law Enforcement Community + Sr. Citizens + Community organizations
2. Communities Educating Seniors About Crimes
3. A TRIAD works to improve the safety of older adults in our community.
(Combats vulnerability and begin projects that contribute to making the community safer for older adults.)

How did the TRIAD concept develop?
Twenty years ago National Sheriff’s Association, National Association of Police and AARP signed a joint resolution to encourage a cooperative, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to crime-related problems of older persons.

Who begins a TRIAD?
In most cases one law enforcement leader brings the groups together and they agree to work together to promote and enhance older adult safety in their community through partnerships and collaborations. Members from the groups sign a TRIAD Cooperative Agreement. (See attached)

In Monroe County, in 1992, Bill Brown was Sheriff and he started the local TRIAD using two young officers, a few members of AARP and the support of RSVP Director and RSVP volunteers.

Chris Gaal -TRIAD Guest Speaker

Prosecutor Chris Gaal speaks on “Crimes Against the Elderly”.

Who guides the TRIAD?
An advisory council is called the S.A.L.T. Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together). They meet on a regular basis and work to aid departments with public safety needs and concerns of the elderly by suggesting services to meet the needs. Currently the TRIAD Medical Round-Up is making a difference in the Community. TRIAD is partnering with the Sheriff’s Auxiliary and Monroe County Solid & Hazardous Waste Department and RSVP on this project.

Who Chairs the SALT Council?
Leadership is by a capable older adult volunteer. Law enforcement leaders, acting as a resource, will balance council ownership. Law enforcement and senior service providers can contribute and provide guidance.

What are the expected results of a TRIAD?
TRIADS can help to implement crime prevention, education, and volunteer programs for older community members, to combat unwarranted fear of crime and instill good crime prevention practices.

The Monroe County TRIAD would like to establish a strong partnership with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Through him, the Sheriff, Bloomington Police, Health Care professionals, professionals in Aging, and others could become involved and contribute and offer guidance to the SALT Council.

Press Releases

“File of Life” Kits Offered Free To Seniors – February 19, 2013

February 19, 2013

Georgia Schaich, TRIAD (812) 334-3292

Wendy Scott, Director Adult Protective Services Area 10
Office of the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney, (812) 349-2665

“File of Life” Kits Offered Free To Seniors

Bloomington, IN – Imagine this emergency 911 call. The ambulance rushes
to the scene with lights flashing and the siren blaring because a medical alert button
has been activated. Emergency personnel arrive to find an elderly person on the floor
unconscious. Every second counts. The sooner they can assess the situation and begin
medical treatment, the more likely their response can make a difference. But there are
many questions to be answered. Does the patient have any existing conditions? Are they
taking any medications? Do they have allergies? Who should be contacted?

File of Life photo

File of Life magnet and card

Emergency calls to 911 are not uncommon for the elderly population. Indeed,
58% of emergency calls are for senior citizens. These medical emergencies may be filled
with feelings of panic, confusion, and helplessness. But there is a simple way to improve
the process.

The “File of Life” contains a mini-medical history that can save precious time and
help emergency personnel quickly respond with life-saving treatment. The information
is contained on a card in the pocket of a clearly noticeable bright-red refrigerator magnet.

Two thousand “File of Life” kits will be available to seniors in the Monroe
County area. They will be distributed free of charge by TRIAD, an organization of
seniors and law enforcement working together to address public safety issues affecting
the elderly population. The program is also supported by the Office of the Monroe
County Prosecuting Attorney and the Area 10 Agency on Aging.

“These clearly recognizable refrigerator magnets are a simple solution with
potential life-saving benefits,” said TRIAD member Elaine Pendley.

“Even with an emergency alert button, first-responders may spend valuable time
determining how best to treat an unresponsive or confused patient,” agreed Wendy Scott,
director of the Adult Protective Services program in the Prosecutor’s Office. “A File of
Life kit can make a big difference.”

The “File of Life” will be distributed by TRIAD and Adult Protective Services at
various events throughout the community. Area 10 Agency on Aging (812-876-3383)
will also have the “File of Life” refrigerator magnets available to the public at their office
in Ellettsville.