Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

The SART is a community-based effort to coordinate resources to respond effectively to sexual assault incidents and collect evidence with sensitivity to the victim. The SART seeks to provide comprehensive services to victims of sexual assault, including free forensic medical examinations to document injuries and preserve evidence of a sexual assault that can be used to prosecute the perpetrator. Learn more »

Got Consent?

Public education campaign to prevent sexual assault.



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Watch the Got Consent? public service announcement.

Blame It On the Alcohol? – Sexual Assault Awareness On Campus

An educational outreach program directed at students on the “The Truths, Myths and Laws of Sexual Assault.” This program typically involves student actors role-playing a familiar scene at a party involving alcohol that is then used as a springboard to include students in a discussion about the hypothetical situation, followed by a presentation from the Sex Crimes Deputy Prosecutor. Learn more »

Child Advocacy Center

Child Advocacy Centers are widely-recognized as the best practice for conducting an interview with a child victim or witness. The prosecutor’s job is to seek the truth, so it is extremely important that allegations of child abuse are investigated in a way that provides the most credible information possible. An interview conducted by a trained professional using a child-appropriate forensic protocol is the method most likely to result in reliable information that will enable the prosecutor to make a wise charging decision, and where the evidence warrants to successfully prosecute a case to obtain justice. “Susie’s Place” is the Child Advocacy Center serving Monroe County. Learn more »