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University students at the Prosecutor’s Office interactive display during “Welcome Week.”

University students at the Prosecutor’s Office interactive display during “Welcome Week.”

In 2009, Prosecuting Attorney Chris Gaal announced the creation of a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), the creation of a Sex Crimes Deputy Prosecutor, and the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program (SANE) at Bloomington Hospital. At the same time, the “Got Consent?” public education/prevention campaign was launched through posters, social media, radio and television advertising. All of these new initiatives were announced at a press conference at the I.U. Sample Gates, the symbolic bridge between campus and the community.

Watch Prosecuting Attorney Chris Gaal speak to students during Welcome Week at Indiana University

Sexual Assault Response Team Press Conference

Local Comedians Perform Sketch for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In 2010 the Prosecutor’s Office further expanded education and prevention efforts on campus by working with partners including university administrators, faculty and student organizations. A new initiative was launched in April for Sexual Assault Awareness month called, “Blame It On The Alcohol? The Truths, Myths and Laws of Sexual Assault.” This program involved student actors role-playing a familiar scene at a party involving alcohol that was then used as a springboard to include students in a discussion about the hypothetical situation. This was then followed by a presentation from the Sex Crimes deputy prosecutor. “Blame It On the Alcohol?” won a Leadership in Personal Safety Award from the I.U. Commission of Personal Safety in 2010.

The Prosecutor’s Office has continued to actively participate in Sexual Assault Awareness Month education and prevention efforts on campus, and during Welcome Week as students return in the fall. Feel free to contact the Prosecutor’s Office if you wish to arrange a presentation from the Sex Crimes Unit for your organization.

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Indiana University Resources – Stop Sexual Violence

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